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Liberty was founded in 1990 by Quasar , Ripmax , Murf

The group were into importing the latest games from overseas bbs systems and also coded many demos and disk mags and utility disks.

Liberty are mainly well known for the phreaking program called Whitebox in which you could make free phone calls to any number in the world. If you have heard of the term phreaking or blue boxing then you should understand. Whiteboxing was very similar to blue boxing, and to make a free phone call you would dial a disconnected phone number and when the telecom disconnected announcement would end there would be silence and then two clicks and then you would blast some tones down the phone line and you have now made a free call.


Heres a photo of me at the Digital Access demo party in 92 .. as you can see I was just a young kid back then .. lol

I had been a member of a few groups in my early years .. a demo crew called Subzero in Germany , Palace a phreaking group in Europe but they got busted so when I was asked to join Liberty , I jumped at the chance so in early 1992 I was now a modem trader / Phreaker for Liberty and I was also a co-sysop on a few Liberty bbs systems.

In late 1992 the three main members were busted for phreaking. Someone they knew got into trouble and decided to blab about everyone and everything to get a lighter sentence. Phreaking died in Australia because Telecom ( telstra ) updated all the phone exchanges to combat phreaking and it worked.

After all this happened alot of people got spooked and there were more busts with other people and groups and not just for phreaking but using At&t cards and stolen credit card numbers which was very silly and so I left the scene in 1993 and sold everything and got a life and a girlfriend.


The scene went quiet and most people I knew decided it was time to move on.

These were the members of Liberty over the years ..


Digtial Boy
DynamikCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist
FoxTexter, Sysop
InterrogatorCoder, Texter, Packdisk Editor, Swapper, Modem Trader
MassGraphics Artist
QuasarCoder, Graphics Artist
RipmaxTexter, Sysop
SpyTexter, Modem Trader , Co-sysop
SubzeroMusic Artist, Texter, Supplier (Germany)
The DudeCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist
WarlockTexter, Sysop