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AUSCENE is the gateway to the Australian Demo Scene. The scene is a community of artists,                musicians and coders whose combined or individual skills create                                      productions released through organised scene 'parties' and   websites.

The Demo Scene in Australia has had a very long vibrant history with many groups, parties and releases over the years. In recent years we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of the scene in Australia as it follows the rise in interest around the world.

Through the internet, the community of demo sceners have built stronger connections and local community development through regular parties (regular meetings where competitions are held and discussion on a common interest takes place).

The scene initially centered on the Commodore 64 and while keeping its original roots has grown to include many platforms over the years. Recent parties have seen productions on PC, Amiga, C64, Atari, and Raspberry PI.

The gateway to the Australian Demo Scene is a digital service, providing you with a trip down memory lane... highlighting the past glory, not to forget about praising it. AUSCENE allows you to relive the old days, whether it is parties, productions, people… and find old contacts who are quite possibly still part of it.

Explore our articles It is worth getting the stories published here finally - covering the years when most of the controversy, politics, debates and groups were bubbling behind a surface. AUSCENE is here to show you an exciting angle, taking you behind the mask, behind the surface of the groups down under and how they really worked. I think many people have these weird perceptions of how things went on back then and how the groups were organised. Where did they really get their "crack" originals? Who had to skip school to crack a release or get a demo done because it was more important than education? What were their plans - and how well-planned were they? How did they meet and get together in the first place? What triggered all the fighting? What split groups up? What was the lamest thing the coolest persons ever did? There is room for so many unmasking, entertaining stories that can now be told!

If you are a computer enthusiast that has an interest in programming, graphics, animation, digital music/chip tunes, hacking/cracking and retro computers such as the C64 and Amiga - did you know that the underground is still alive? Did you know that parties are being held twice a year in both Melbourne and Sydney? That you can come out of hiding and be part of this fun journey? Feel entertained or be part of it...


AUSCENE - The Gateway to the Australian Demo Scene.