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For a long time the Australian scene has been without a central resource, sites have come and gone, scattered to the wind, along with valuable history, lost forever.

We find many sceners still hold onto a sense of nostalgia, but lack a common place to hang out and revisit the good old times and to reminisce on their personal experiences. Also, we really need a platform, a place to preserve and inspire the resurgence of the Australian scene.

It all started in mid-2012, when three guys had had enough of the void and decided to do something about it. Whilst Conjuror started setting up the platform for the website, Jazzcat and Reload went on a crusade to hunt down old sceners, old photos, cached web pages, lost warez and much much more. As the offline matured, Reload used his creative talents to come up with the graphics design after many many sleepless nights. After around 6 months of effort, we decided to push this site live...


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Programmer and graphician with a history in The Force (C64) and The Atomic Force (C64) (under the handle Doctor Detroit) and Offence + Onslaught (C64).

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Graphician with a history in TSR (under the handle Megazzap), Parallax (Amiga), Dusk (Amiga) and Defame (PC).

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