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IRCnet Channels

#auscene - originally the Syntax and Flashback party goers were hanging out on #c64oz. It was thought that a more inclusive channel was needed and everyone now gathers on #auscene.

#c-64 - a gathering of over 100 sceners from all around the world. Here you chat first hand with old and new sceners and enthusiasts.

#amigascne - very much idle these days but also a good place to chat about the old days if you are on there during the right time.

EFnet Channels

#flashbackparty - channel for the flashback party held on the Queens Birthday June long weekend.

#c-64 - less people, but a great place to catch up with NTSC C64 users (North America).



- IRCnet servers -,, and (port 6667)

- EFnet servers - (port 6667)

IRC Clients

ICEchat -
Chatzilla Firefox Add-On -
XChat - (Windows & Linux)
Free IRC Client -
Irssi - (Linux)